Trust & Try combines the two main requirements to break new ground. You have to Trust in your idea, your abilities and your goals. The path of realizing this will be rough. But you’ve got your vision –
And to pursue it, you need to Try it.
Our goal is to create unique films and commercials.

Whether as complete in-house production or as directors in cooperation –

we want to combine our aesthetics and values with your demand for ambitious advertising.


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  • Snipes x Stranger Things

    Our latest commercial for the collaboration between Snipes & Stranger Things.

    Prod. Company TRUST’N’TRY GmbH
    Starring: Lúcia Luciano, Leslie-Ann Sivers, Rayene Rezouani, David Mendy, Adam Behlen
    Director: Timm Gillner & Fatmir Dolci
    DOP: Pat Aldinger
    AC: Tom Zylla
    Exe. Producer: Timm Gillner
    Producer: Lilien Krammer
    PA: Luis Morat
    Narrator: Enya Elstner
    Light Department: Christian Mansmann & Mathieu Mahlke (Gegenlichtdesign)
    Colorist: Marina Starke
    Sounddesign: Moritz Staub (Staub Audio GmbH)
    Sound Mixer: Kai Czerwonka (Die Bude)
    VFX: Leonard Vuong (Snipes), Joey Rieger (Onomoto Studio), Andreas Rusch
    H&M: Victoria Reuter
    Styling: Maya Stamm, Dakota Matisha
    Set Runner: David Goldbach & Gregor

    Extras: Enya Elstner, Leyan Mezger, Josephine, Till Schuster

    Special thanks to: Snipes, IZAIO Management, Pille Filmverleih GmbH, Arri Rental EU


    WALLS – a music video / short film dealing with the energy generated through human confrontations with walls. The urge for freedom and fulfillment is just as human as the urge to build walls for everyday order.
    Three individuals in different countries are struggling under this tension – and finally decide to go all in. The soundtrack features music by rising french producer Phazz.

    Directors: Maik Schuster, Fatmir Dolci, Max Paschke
    Executive Producers: Maik Schuster, Fatmir Dolci, Max Paschke
    Director of Screenplay: Fatmir Dolci
    DoP: Maik Schuster
    Editor: Max Paschke
    Sound Design: Philip Hallay
    Soundtrack: Phazz – About Her, Phazz – All day / All night

    • 2017 Student Academy Awards® / SEMI FINALIST
    • 2017 European Cinematography Award / Best Music Video / WINNER
    • 2017 Sydney World Film Festival / Best Narrative Short / WINNER
    • 2019 Mexico City International Film Festival / Best Fiction Short Film / WINNER
    • 2017 Los Angeles Music Video Underground / Best Director / WINNER
    • 2017 Paris Music Video Underground / Best Music Video / WINNER
    • 2018 The Buddha International Film Festival / Best Editing / WINNER
    • 2017 Holly Shorts Film Festival / Academy Awards® Qualifying / OFFICIAL SELECTION
    • 2017 Berlin Short Film Festival / OFFICIAL SELECTION
    • 2017 LIFE AFTER OIL International Film Festival / OFFICIAL SELECTION
    • 2017 Berlin Student Film Festival / Music Video / OFFICIAL SELECTION
    • 2017 Sehsüchte Student Film Festival / Music Video / OFFICIAL SELECTION
    • 2017 20MINMAX International Shortfilm Festival / OFFICIAL SELECTION
    • 2017 NXD Free Film Festival / European Shorts / OFFICIAL SELECTION
    • 2018 XXS Short Film Festival Dortmund / WINNER
  • One’s Way Through

    „One‘s way through“ – a DC of some of our past projects.

    While we edited this film, we focused on the feelings we had during the last years and projects. Grateful for every opportunity there was also a new challenge to force.

    Talents: Adom Wieneke, Kevin Nikulski, Der Stamm, Fifi Anicah, Majid Kessab, Miguel Mavatiko
    Director: Timm Gillner & Fatmir Dolci
    DP: Timm Gillner, Maik Schuster, Fatmir Dolci
    Drone Operator: Timm Gillner
    Edit, Sounddesign: Fatmir Dolci
    Narrator: Enya Elstner , Christian Mavatiko
    Composer: Sascha Thiele
    Colorist: WeFadeToGrey GmbH, Timm Gillner
    Sound Mastering: Phillip Hallay

  • La Lumière

    Production: Trust’n’Try
    Client: snipes
    Concept: Timm Gillner, Fatmir Dolci
    Directing DOP: Maik Schuster
    Talent: Majid Kessab
    Edit: Timm Gillner
    Sounddesign: Fatmir Dolci
    Grading: Timm Gillner
    Music: Stephen Rickert aka. Sterio

    Special Thanks:
    Lennart Walter, Peter Lebrun, Majid, Cine One Rental
  • Jone Lopes

    Client: Snipes

    Talent: Jone Lopes
    Production Company: Trust’n’Try
    Director: Timm Gillner & Fatmir Dolci
    DOP: Timm Gillner
    Sound Recording: Fatmir Dolci
    Editing: Fatmir Dolci & Timm Gillner
    Original Soundtrack: Sterio
    Sounddesign: Philip Hallay
    Lines: Maik Schuster
    Grading: Swen Linde (We Fade To Grey GmbH)
    Coach: Dia Soliman