You need firm feet to break free. Strong roots to reassure you while your eyes are busy with the sky. That is the mindset Trust’n’Try is built upon. Our mantra.

As commercial filmmakers, we are not only part of a community. We influence the way people see, feel, consume. Through aesthetics and ethics. Directly and indirectly.
Quite a responsibility – and a huge chance. Because that is what we live for: showing how great, how unique making-a-difference can look. Let’s create truly ambitious, value-driven advertising.


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10119 Berlin, Germany

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  • Recent Production: Veils Around Us, Short Film

    The collaboration between the musician Anthony Wills and Director Timm Gillner is an outstanding example of craft and achievement in an independent project.
    “Veils Around Us” is a short film that adorns the most influential Film Festivals during 2023 and gathered world wide attention.

    During the writing of the script Anthony and Timm met regularly to implement key moments of Anthony’s life.

    “As we both are artists working with our life experiences, we want to use our work to understand the different layers and patterns of life. If we can understand and show this combination of our experiences and emotional worlds, others can relate and identify themselves with it. Always with an eye for criticism about the structures around us. It was most important that Anthony as a musician can say – this is my film – as much as I can do as a writer & director.”
    – Timm Gillner

  • Timm Gillner

    Timm Gillner is a renowned German director, known for his visually striking and emotionally resonant work. During studying film & sound he founded the production house TRUST’N’TRY. Timm writes, directs, produces commercials, short films, and music videos, taking care of every detail in the filmmaking process. A true hands on mentality combined with his love for film enables him to create work that is not only visually compelling but emotionally engaging. His work has earned him widespread recognition at various film festivals such as the Ciclope, GER; Camerimage, PL; HollyShorts, LA / US; LA Shorts International Film Festival, LA / US; Hip Hop Festival, NY / US; New York Lift-Off, NY/ US; European Cinematography Awards, AMS / NL; Berlin Commercial, GER. He was also a jury member of the Berlin Commercial (2023).

  • Alex Cook

    Alex Cook is a highly accomplished Los Angeles-based film director known for his unique style and captivating visual language that evoke an ethereal and atmospheric quality. His films have the ability to deeply resonate with audiences and transport them to other worlds. Therefore his work has been featured on NPR, Filmsupply, Nowness, and Variety. His exceptional talent also has been recognized by being profiled in Directors Library, Directors Notes, and Film Shortage, and by receiving multiple Vimeo Staff Picks. In an industry where flashy visuals often take priority over substance, Alex’s work stands out as a powerful reminder of the enduring power of film to move, inspire, and transform.

  • Franck Trozzo Kazagui

    Franck Trozzo Kazagui is a self-taught French film director who splits his time between Berlin, Paris, and London. His unique approach involves creating an intimate connection between the viewer and the protagonist through intriguing framing and unexpected transitions. Franck has independently directed several personal projects as part of his film collective “Explore, Create, Repeat.”. His latest short film “LUCIA” challenges the stigma of a pole dancer, and his other works like “[MOVEMENT]” and “HÉRITAGE” have gained widespread recognition. Franck’s creative output has been showcased by Kodak Film, The Guardian, Nowness, and at prestigious awards such as 1.4 awards, shots awards, Booooooom, and three times at Berlin Commercial.

  • Gabriel Novis

    Gabriel Novis is a Brazilian director whose work has been recognized globally. His passion for film and surfing has taken him to remote locations and unique cultural experiences, which have inspired his breathtaking cinematic approach. He has worked with global brands such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Coca-Cola, producing visually stunning films that have earned him critical acclaim, including Gold at Clio Awards and Silver at ADC. Novis’s unique blend of documentary-style storytelling and stunning visuals has captivated audiences, earning him multiple Vimeo Staff picks and finalist nods at prestigious awards such as Ciclope and One Point Four Awards. He approaches each project with an insatiable curiosity and a commitment to discovering the essence of each moment, resulting in films that are highly captivating.

  • Theo Gottlieb

    Théo Gottlieb is a visionary commercial director hailing from France, renowned for his exceptional artistic talent and sensitivity in capturing the essence of human experience and the beauty of our environment. With a keen eye for detail and a natural talent for storytelling, Théo creates films that are both visually stunning and emotionally resonant. His passion for filmmaking is contagious, and his unwavering commitment to excellence is what sets him apart as a commercial director. Characterized by its sensitivity and its ability to capture the essence of human nature, his unique approach has earned him widespread recognition and acclaim as Vimeo Staff Picks and features on Directors Library, and the Clio Awards.