You need firm feet to break free. Strong roots to reassure you while your eyes are busy with the sky. That is the mindset Trust’n’Try is built upon. Our mantra.

As commercial filmmakers, we are not only part of a community. We influence the way people see, feel, consume. Through aesthetics and ethics. Directly and indirectly.
Quite a responsibility – and a huge chance. Because that is what we live for: showing how great, how unique making-a-difference can look. Whether as directors in cooperation or as all-in production powerhouse: let’s create truly ambitious, value-driven advertising.


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Founder & MD Timm Gillner

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  • enya el – open the blinds

    In the noise of our expectations, ego and thoughts we feel trapped, crushed, longing for a moment of silence. We want lucidity and to see a clear picture of ourselves. As close as we are to ourselves, as far is the way to such a realization.

    An oppressive inner world of thoughts is visualized by a round room. The color and lighting mood is unpleasant. We are going through various emotions that we feel through gestures and facial expressions. Rain symbolizes all the small negative thoughts and resistances in everyday life. Half naked we’re vulnerable and seek a way out.

    Detached from negativity, the outer world serves us as the escape. Surrounded by nature, silence, and the deep blue of a dawning morning tells us that we are only at the beginning of our journey. The cold moonlight fills the picture and a glimpse of sunshine begins to appear.


    – Timm Gillner, Director


    First introduced in 2017 adidas defined new ways to revolutionize the shoe sole with 4D technology and Futurecraft. Technologies offer innovative possibilities to reinterpret the already existing. It is precisely this pioneering spirit of experimentation that we wanted to make tangible in our film. Through blending a mix of digital high-quality shots and partial alienated 3D scans, also known as point clouds, we create new worlds within known surroundings. The point clouds, which serve as an adaptation for technology, are refined through various scanning and processing methods to create more organic structures. The mix of digital film and our specially processed scans offers a visualization never seen before.



  • ADIDAS ZX 6000

  • REEL 2020

    We proudly present our latest showreel featuring productions which took place in the city of Tokyo, the harbour of Gandia, and the suburbs of Amsterdam as well as
    iconic locations like the olympic stadium in Berlin. We also feel pleased to have worked for such great collaborations between Snipes and Netflix twice
    – first we highlighted the launch of the third season of ”Stranger Things” and due to the success of our commercial, we were asked to produce the second collaboration between Netflix and ”La Casa de Papel”.

    Enjoy watching!



    Snipes breaks new stylistic ground with the „Stranger Things“ collaboration. The Netflix Original and its young heroes tied us all to the screen. With the eagerly anticipated third season about to be released, we got inspired by the series’ eerie retro-future style – and created a Stranger Snipes universe of our own.



    Devotion, passion, joy. Nobody embodies the energy of hip hop dancing like these three Dutch sisters. And while they already gained major fame on The Ellen Show and collaborated with Common, Usher and Anderson.Paak, they took the time to join us and Snipes for a casual walk around the block. Expect some valuable insights into their take on dancing.



    „One‘s way through“ – a DC of some of our projects (2016-2018).

    Looking back and reminiscing is essential for growth. „One’s way through“ is our tribute to time well spent: a Director’s Medley of some of our past projects. Each of them challenged us, nurtured and taught us. After some time has passed, it’s exciting to find that it’s always the small, personal moments that stick around the most. We let intuition and emotion guide us through freely editing this special piece.



    „Make the people see“ – Majid Kessab, 2014 world champion in hip hop dancing, invites us on a quest to spark the inner light. And how it helps him to focus and express his true self. We join him as he prepares for Just Debout, one of the scene’s biggest tournaments that’s been held in Paris since 2002. More than 16.000 people watching almost 140 dancers – who have been training all year for this exact day.


    With his father having played in Angola’s national basketball team, Jone Lopes’ way seemed to be paved from the start. But Jone chose to take his own reroutes, earn his own recognition and still ended up playing in the same national team that he now proudly represents. We visited him in his hometown of Luanda and got insights into his hopes, dreams – and the struggles of living between different worlds.