Veils Around Us

“Veils Around Us” a music video / short film hybrid for Anthony Wills and his song  “4 My Dawgs”

We carry culture, religion and social status through generations. Teached by institutions, our family and people around us. The experiences of a grandmother and her family guides us through those very topics without assessing them, but to symbolize the man-made construction and the difficulties to pass on the right path.

A TRUST N TRY GmbH Production / Executive Producer: Timm Gillner

In association with OBVIOUS / Executive Producer: Maximilien Rivolet, Merwen Belkeddar

Written, directed and produced by Timm Gillner

DP: Konrad Losch (United Talents)
Edit: Chris Zimmermann (SEC Studio)
Grading: Marina Starke (MAP Mgmt)
Casting: Matheis Casting, Anuk Rohde, Iris Müller Agency, Timm Gillner
Music: Anthony Wills, Victor Brand; Organ: Francis Stuart (Tricone Studios, Funkhaus Berlin)
Audio: 5.1 Mix & Master TRO GmbH

Film Festivals and Awards:

. European Cinematography Awards (NL) – Best Cinematography, Best Music Video, Best Edit
. Hollywood Shorts Fest (US) – Best Experimental Short
. Tourne-Films Festival Lausanne (CH) – Best Short Film
. Red Movie Awards (FR) – Finalist & Honorable Mention
. Berlin Commercial (GER) – Shortlist Cinematography, Cultural Impact, Casting
. HollyShorts Film Festival (US), Official Selection
. LA Shorts International Film Festival (US), Official Selection
. Hip Hop Film Festival (US), Official Selection