La Lumière

Juste debout is an international hip hop dance competition whose finale has been held in Paris since 2002. Every year, pre-selections for Paris are organized worldwide. Almost 140 dancers participate in the final round in front of an audience of 16,000 people. This also means a lot of pressure for the dancers. Majid Kessab, 2014 world champion, takes us on this journey.

Production: Trust’n’Try GmbH
Client: Snipes
Concept: Timm Gillner, Fatmir Dolci
Directing DOP: Maik Schuster
Talent: Majid Kessab
Edit: Timm Gillner
Sounddesign: Fatmir Dolci
Grading: Timm Gillner
Music: Stephen Rickert aka. Sterio

Special Thanks:
Majid Kessab, Cine One Rental