enya el – open the blinds

In the noise of our expectations, ego and thoughts we feel trapped, crushed, longing for a moment of silence. We want lucidity and to see a clear picture of ourselves. As close as we are to ourselves, as far is the way to such a realization.

An oppressive inner world of thoughts is visualized by a round room. The color and lighting mood is unpleasant. We are going through various emotions that we feel through gestures and facial expressions. Rain symbolizes all the small negative thoughts and resistances in everyday life. Half naked we’re vulnerable and seek a way out.

Detached from negativity, the outer world serves us as the escape. Surrounded by nature, silence, and the deep blue of a dawning morning tells us that we are only at the beginning of our journey. The cold moonlight fills the picture and a glimpse of sunshine begins to appear.


– Timm Gillner, Director